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G.McLeod Consulting

Understanding that every project is unique, GMcLeod Consulting, in collaboration with MCCS provides tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client. By conducting thorough assessments, implementing effective project management methodologies and offering strategic guidance they enable businesses to achieve their project goals efficiently and effectively.

TRK Valve

TRK supplies a wide range of high performance manually operated or automated On-Off Ball Valves, comply to international codes and standards applicable to the Oil & Gas, Oil Refining, LNG, Petrochemical and Power sectors.

Dedicated and passionate valve experts that have the specific experience to support the unique needs of our Customers, from pre-commissioning to mature operations, establishing long term cooperative partnerships which guarantee the service activities worldwide. With Client such as BP, Exxon Mobil, Conocophillips & Perusahaan Gas Negara.

Puma Plus Software Solution

We are thrilled to announce our ground-breaking partnership with PPSS. This dynamic collaboration between MCCS and PPSS is set to revolutionise the world of highly customisable software applications, providing you with a top-notch destination for all your needs.

At the core of our joint efforts lies the cutting-edge Puma+ platform – the bedrock for all our solutions. With this powerful foundation, we are equipped to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency.

Understanding that each client’s requirements are unique, we are fully dedicated to providing personalised attention to your specific needs. Our committed engineering and technology teams stand ready to work hand in hand with you, ensuring the development of tailor-made solutions that go above and beyond your expectations.

Get ready to experience an extraordinary synergy of expertise and innovation with MCCS and PPSS. Together, we are poised to bring you software solutions that set new standards in the industry. Welcome to a future of limitless possibilities!