Engineers carrying out commissioning engineering for oil & gas projects

In the project commissioning engineering phase of oil and gas projects, MCCS meticulously checks and reviews all relevant documents, focusing on technical preparation for mechanical completion and Commissioning execution. We provide comprehensive checklists, test sheets, procedures, and databases, breaking down the project into Commissionable Sub-systems with our mechanical completion software.

1. Breakdown into Commissionable Sub-systems:

Our international offshore commissioning includes a detailed breakdown of systems into Sub-Systems and Work Packages, indicated on comprehensive design drawings. This includes Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&ID’s), Electrical Single Line Diagrams (SLD’s), Control Systems (DCS), Emergency Shut Down Systems (ESD), Fire and Gas (F&G) block diagrams, and Telecoms Layout Drawings.

2. Creation of Mechanical Completion Databases:

Establishing databases for Mechanical Completion, allocation of Work Packages, Job Cards, and monitoring construction progress. This forms the baseline for Completion and Commissioning Databases, crucial for the plant’s handover to the client.

3. Database Population with Project Information:

Efficiently populating the oil and gas project database with project information, including critical vendor packages. Automatic generation of check sheets and Mechanical Completion and Commissioning records simplifies the process. Early identification of interface discrepancies aids in addressing issues during the engineering phase. This service is conducted at the Client’s or MCCS offices by our experienced engineers.