Flange Management Services

MCCS offers expert Flange Management as part of our offshore platform services, with certified personnel trained to Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) standards. Our well-trained offshore project engineer teams ensure a controlled flange management system, providing tailored service packages based on client needs.

Key Features:

1. Bolted Joints Expertise:

MCCS specializes in managing Tension Joints and Shear Joints, crucial components in pressurized systems. Our teams are adept at preventing self-loosening of bolted connections under transverse dynamic loads.

2. Enhanced Productivity:

Our flange management software records and completes all process system flanges in a controlled manner, minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and preventing leakage. Combining it with Nitrogen and Helium Leak Testing Services enhances end-user productivity.

3. Torquing and Tensioning Excellence:

MCCS ensures high-standard manual and hydraulic bolt torquing, tensioning of flanges and tensioning of joints during construction. This service uses our personnel, equipment, and flange management software. Flange data is monitored through MCCS’s software, providing a Joint Completion Certificate (JCC) upon approval.

4. Flange Breakout Services:

Offering controlled flange breakout services during maintenance intervals, preventing corrosion and ruptures in pipelines. Customized services for Brownfield, Spool Replacement, Joint Inspection, Gasket Replacement, etc.

3 offshore oil & gas engineers carrying out flange management testing on a pipeline
An offshore maintenance engineer carrying out flange management and testing
2 offshore maintenance engineers carrying out flange management & hydraulic bolt torquing

Onsite Flange Facing / Machining:

This is the process of smoothing and truing flange surfaces directly at the equipment’s location, eliminating the need for disassembly and transportation to a workshop. This technique ensures proper flange alignment and sealing surface through using portable machining equipment to correct imperfections due to wear, corrosion, mishandling, or misalignment. This approach minimises downtime, enhances efficiency, and maintains the integrity of critical piping systems by achieving the required joint sealing surface specifications.

Comprehensive Flange Management Services:

  • Joint Data Management
  • Manual Bolt Torquing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Torquing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • On site flange facing / Machining