Heat Exchangers Service

BreechLock Exchanger Expertise with Sealing and Bolting Technologies


MCCS International, in collaboration with Sealing and Bolting Technologies LLC led by David W. Reeves, enhances its capabilities in international offshore services. This includes installation, commissioning, start-up, and maintenance of Breech Lock Exchangers. With over 250 Breech Lock Exchangers experience across five countries, David Reeves brings unmatched expertise.

His ASME papers shed light on common misunderstandings in gasket and bolting technology. Teaming up with Ohmstede, David offers specialised maintenance for Breech Lock Exchangers. MCCS provides comprehensive heat exchanger maintenance services, covering installation, commissioning, maintenance, rectification, and joint integrity with a focus on leak-free, reliable performance.

David W. Reeves has worked on over 250 Breech Lock Exchangers in 5 different Countries. In addition, there are even more Breech Lock Exchangers on his sealing and assembly system, all running leak free regardless of the number of startups, shutdowns or upsets. To get to leak free, only small changes are needed in gasket selection and maintenance practices. The problem is, in order to understand the changes and implement them properly, it is vital to start with a basic understanding of sealing and bolting technology. Many people have common misunderstanding about gasket and bolting technology. These are covered in David’s 2012 ASME PVP2012-78702 paper titled Common Misunderstandings About Gasket and Bolted Connection Interactions.

David has been working with Ohmstede in the US to put together a team that specializes in Breech Lock Exchanger maintenance. David has also written an ASME-PVP paper on Breech Lock Exchangers, PVP2014-28174, titled Breech Lock Exchangers, Obtaining Leak Free Performance. It discusses how the internal parts and bolted connections work, and critical steps needed to obtain reliable, leak free performance.

Most people initially have various levels of concerns when they look at all the internal parts, and a lot of incorrect assumptions about how they really work. Breech locks are not that complex once they are properly understood. David can provide on-site training classes through MCCS on sealing and bolting technology and breech lock exchanges, as well as consulting with facilities prior to purchasing new exchangers. Properly designed and assembled breech lock exchanger will provide years of leak free performance and easy maintenance. Unfortunately most suppliers can’t currently meet these objectives.

Heat Exchanger Services include:

  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Maintenance
  • Rectification
  • Joint Integrity